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Welcome to The source for all, who want to earn money and make a living on the Internet. First, it is important for me to say that this propaganda on the net (I’ll show you how to make 100,000 euros Online / Quick Money on the Net / Without much work fast money) is absolute crap! The online business nowadays is highly competitive and it requires a lot of time and work. However, once you know how the wind blows, it depends on one himself how much money you want to earn and how much time you’re willing to invest (a lot of sites, projects).

I guarantee anyone who is willing to invest time and follow my instructions, that he will achieve at least a good extra income. The rest is up to yourself …


Google Seo Ranking

When setting up your own business on the web you do not go past the SEO topic. The competition is tough, so knowing the current SEO techniques is a must if you want to make money on the internet. In our SEO Training SEO tips you will find all that you need for sustained success – and this for free!

Search engine optimization is an important basis for the success of a website nowadays. Every webmaster should be familiar with the basics of optimization for Google… Instead of hiring an expensive agency, you can also do this work yourself – thus you save money. Our SEO course tells you how you can reach the top places in the search engines ranking, and shows you the valuable tips and tricks. In illustrative videos and easily understandable articles we will show you how to develop professional skills in the field of SEO for beginners and advanced.


Make search engine optimization by your own


You learn in our Seo tutorial the basics of on-page optimization. We’ll show you what the keyword density and frequency is and which is optimal for keywords in articles. An important chapter is the HTML standard. It shows, elements such as meta tags, headings and page titles which the web crawlers of search engines need to index your pages properly and link them to the desired keywords. For this we give you an insight into the correct use of domains and about PHP.

Note: There are no programming skills required to be a successful online marketer. I know Seo`s who technically have no idea, but they dominate the web with SEO and make good money on the Internet. I myself am not a programmer: -D


WordPress Tips and Tricks

The content management system WordPress is now the most popular base for websites of all kinds. With this easy-to-use software you build in no time blogs and other Web sites and pages without needing programming skills. It offers many features that make SEO for you. We’ll give you our best Worpress training tips and give you an insight into more advanced topics such as the use of extensions, the WordPress plugins.

Another important issue is the off page optimization. We’ll show you how to build or get quality backlinks naturally and without Spamming, in this way you offer quality on the Internet. This is especially important, since Google in recent years increasingly pays attention to spamming and suspicious sites often are taking down by Google. In this way you move and act safely within the Google Webmaster Guidelines. In particular, we show you ways in which you can even rank websites without backlinks. Yes, it is possible, but you need the right keyword analysis to be able to do that. There are countless niches where you can position yourself, you just have to know how it works!

How you can you use the Google AdWords tool and profit from it

Particularly good results can be achieved when you combine SEO with advertising such as Google AdWords. This network is ideally suited to be used after the publication of your web offer and thus to test the market. Even if your site has enough traffic, you can therefore compensate for seasonal fluctuations in traffic. We’ll show you how you plan your campaigns and how you need to build a landing page for each ad placement.

With the help of SEO tools you can track and compare certain data with those of competing pages and track your rankings in the SERPs for particular keywords over time. We will show you a selection of the best tools that you otherwise create complicated statistics. These can easily be used and without any technical knowledge. So you always have control over your websites and can immediately detect and draw conclusions for example, when changes in the rankings occur.

Look around on the site, take a look at our online courses! I will provide you with a high-quality selection of professional materials for training in SEO, without needing any previous knowledge. Free videos and articles and a complete seminars will give you insight into all important SEO techniques. With our SEO tips you gain in no time all the skills that you need to make a living with SEO and achieve top rankings in Google and other search engines and that will be the foundation for your success on the Web.

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