Keyword Analysis

The keyword analysis for your Seo Projects

The keyword analysis is undoubtedly the most important analysis at all. It is here that most mistakes are made. Also Seo`s believe that they know how to analyze properly, but make time and again critical errors. Certainly you want that your website is as successful as humanly possible. Of course, this does not work by itself, and certainly not without professional search engine optimization. Above all, the most important tool, the brain is in this case often not used properly. Most Seo`s go here only for searches. For example, Let’s say and project and we want the keyword to be cat food , this keyword has, according to the Google keyword planner let`s say  9900 monthly searches super!

Keyword Analysis

Google Keyword Analysis Tool

But where this is the problem? Of course, with the competition, but more on that later.

However, before you can begin the actual website optimization you must of course first of all to know exactly what and especially how to be optimized. The keyword analysis has the task of finding out which keywords are of particular interest to your website. After all, you do not want to look for any visitor interested new customers but, in this case, people who after cat food indeed.

There have been repeated before the inexperienced webmaster or Seo`s believe they could optimize their website perfectly well without an intensive keyword analysis. In reality, however, this is not the case. As I said, this is where most mistakes are made.

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial Video

For example, during this analysis also determined exactly how often enter to search users a certain word or a certain combination of words with Google & Co for websites. In addition, can also be determined how many other website operators or Seo`s (competition) also optimize your website on the same terms.

The competition for the keyword is often neglected

Where now is but the problem with the keyword cat food ??? We know that the keyword has many searches and suits our sample project ( What we do not know, and what almost everyone Seo incorrectly parses and interprets the competition for a particular keyword. Let’s look at the Google rankings for 1 to, we see directly that the first positions of strengths such as or are occupied. A clear indication that we ever come not to Pos. 1 or 2 readily J.

Basically one of any reasonable Keywordanalyse same time the competition and ranking analysis easy with this and is even the most important part. I will discuss in more detail in my video tutorial on proper keyword and competitor analysis and show you what you have to pay attention.

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