Majestic Trick

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How to check the Trust Flow and Citation Flow of Domains:


Normally you need a paid account at majestic seo ( and the free account only let you 4-5 domains for free.

Fortunately there is a nice trick to bypass this limitation and even without the need of an account at all. The best: It is absolutely free!

Just visit:

and add this free extension to your browser.


After adding it to Firefox, you will notice a majestic symbol on the right top

majesti seo trick image

Next step: Visit any Website, let`s say we visit Click on the Majestic Symbol on Top. Then you will get this:


You can repeat this process as often you want, with unlimted domains :-).

This is a great way to check domains and save a lot of time and money! Especially when you are checking competitors or looking for PBN`s .


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